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Vickie has been a personal trainer, business owner, lifestyle educator for over 25 years. After discovering her own passions in health and fitness she began to develop unique programs that challenge and connect women as a community. Her commitment to continually evolve into her most successful, strong, health conscious self translates into every area of her life.  Most of all it's her faith that has shaped her life as a mother, grandmother and woman. While working through the obstacles in her own life she began to create the Jungle Jane brand.  She believes that life can be a Jungle and each woman has a distinct  'Jane' within her.

She knows she's blessed with a healthy life full of faith, hope, love and laughter. 

She's using those gifts to create a legacy for her family, and the lives she touches for years to come! 

resolve to evolve


Photos courtesy of Jenna Keene Photography 2017